Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Cannabis- Are you aware of the risks?

 A part of an OT's role in some areas of practice is to educate. Taking an educative approach to practice means that both the service-user and the people around them can be enlightened and made aware of how and why a particular condition is effecting their occupational performance, and how other factors in their life may be affecting them also.

As the BBC reported today, new results from a survey on 1000 adults conducted by the British Lung Foundation (BLF) found that a third of respondents wrongly believed that cannabis did not harm health. Of the 1000 adults, 88% incorrectly thought that tobacco cigarettes were more harmful than cannabis, when the risk of lung cancer is actually 20 times higher. The BLF say that the lack of awareness is "alarming". So, do you know your facts about cannabis? Check out the link heeeeeeeeeeeeere to see more:

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