Sunday, 20 May 2012

The typing makes me sound busy...

Well this is my first ever blog, so I'll try and tell you a little bit about what I'm planning to do on here!

So, as you can see on my info bit, I'm a second year occupational therapy student at York St John University. I love the OT course at York St John, and a great part of that is the very active OT society that we have. The idea behind this blog was initially a place where YSJ OT students could look to find resources and information that they find useful. If you scroll down on the right hand side, you'll see a range of different categories for links. Have a little look through them and see what you find useful! I'm still getting used to how it all works, but my plan is to upload posts on a weekly basis on things that have caught my eye. I'll pop a few posts up after this one to get this started, and then hopefully things will starting to fall into place!

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog :o)

Sian x

P.s. Here is a taster of what it's like to study OT at York St John University!

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